As part of the Engineering and Architecture Services granted by Axxial Spa, the need arises to support our clients, during the useful life of their Infrastructure, not limited to the development of Projects, but also providing Maintenance Services to the Health Infrastructure, with the support of the extensive experience of its founding partners.

Objectives of Axxial's services in the Maintenance area

Collaborate with the Client, so that it has a Technical Unit, designed and implemented by Axxial Spa, with sufficient and trained human resources that allow to manage, coordinate, execute and / or supervise the corresponding preventive and corrective maintenance, both to the infrastructure and to the industrial equipment according to the complexity of the Establishment. This implies enabling workshops, tools, instruments, means of communication and transport appropriate to the size of the facilities to be maintained. In addition, an Administrative Information System is contemplated that allows to properly manage the Maintenance activities, allowing to maintain statistics, generate reports and others necessary for the Decision Making of the Administration.

Scope of Maintenance services provided by Axxial SpA

Considering the size of the establishment and the technical complexity of its facilities, a Professional Maintenance System will be established, with personnel with experience in Hospital Infrastructure, in all its areas, equipment, facilities and infrastructure, for Major Maintenance, such as Minor Maintenance. The proposal of services prepared by Axxial, may consider among other aspects the following:

Permanent staff

Qualified professionals and technicians with permanent presence in the establishment.

Partial support staff

Considering that Axxial, has professionals with vast experience in building and hospital maintenance, depending on the service to be provided, they can support the permanent technical staff in the establishment

Workshop/office setting up for maintenance

If the size of the establishment requires it, Axxial, with the support of its Architects, can enable a Workshop or Office, with furniture and ad-hoc facilities in the premises of the same.

Supporting elements

Support elements will be available for Axxial's staff for the execution of their work, such as:

  • Computer and Printer for administrative tasks; Major instruments (tester, flow meters, hook ammeters and other similar) and according to the specialty. Suitcases tools for each technician, according to their specialty.
  • Common minor tools for maintenance (ladders, transport carts, etc.).
  • Personal Protection Items. Institutional Clothing. Identification credential.
  • Radios for internal communication. Vehicle if relevant.

Minor maintenance supplies and spare parts

To facilitate the maintenance work, Axxial, as part of the Agreement, will be responsible for minor maintenance supplies. With respect to major spare parts, they will be borne by the Customer. It will be the responsibility of Axxial, to inform the Client, or whoever represents him, in a timely manner the detail of the spare parts that must be acquired to carry out maintenance work.

Technical Library

Axxial, will maintain a Technical Library with Plans, Catalogs, Technical Specifications and in general all available technical information.

Administrative information system

During a period of white gear, in agreement with the Client, Axxial will enable a digital Administrative Information System that accounts for:

  • Inventory of Equipment and Facilities
  • Information available in Technical Library
  • Annual Axxial Accountability Maintenance Programs
  • List of Suppliers
  • Maintenance Programs contracted by the Client to third parties of an annual nature, for which Axxial Spa may act as the Client's Technical Counterparty
  • Historical record of maintenance activities
  • Work Orders and Monthly Activity Reports.

Hospital Maintenance, Regulations and Definitions

Current regulations

The Ministry of Health, in 2017, approved through Res. Exempt No. 290 of 29.Dec.2017, Technical Standards for Hospital Maintenance, Infrastructure and Technical Equipment.
The general objective of this regulation is "Deliver a regulatory framework that contributes to efficiency in the management of the Technical Unit, for effective and timely maintenance of the infrastructure, facilities, industrial equipment and vehicles of the Health Care Establishment."


Set of technical and administrative activities whose purpose is to preserve, restore a system, plant, machine, equipment, structure, building, assembly, component or part in or to the condition that allows it to perform its function. (1)

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance that is performed to prolong the life of the device and prevent damage. Preventive Maintenance is usually scheduled at intervals and includes specific maintenance tasks such as parameter measurement (predictive), lubrication, cleaning or replacement of parts that commonly wear out or have a limited service life. It is usually the manufacturer who sets the procedures and intervals. In special cases, the user can modify the frequency according to the conditions of the local environment. (2)

Corrective Maintenance

The process of restoring the integrity, security, or operation of a device after a failure. (3)


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