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al servicio de sus clientes
Centro Asistencial Ñuñoa
Hospital Provincial de Talagante
Mantenimiento Hospitalario
Diseño y remodelación Pabellón Cirugía Mayor Hospital de Talagante
Reconversión De Camas Criticas Servicio De Medicina Hospital de Talagante
Construcción Hospitalaria
Asesoría Técnica Administrativa Contratos de Obra
Criterios de Diseño Ingenierías de Especialidades Nuevo Edificio Instituto de Salud Pública de Chile
Servicio de Puesta en Marcha Centro Asistencial Ñuñoa
Proyecto de Pabellón Cirugía Mayor Hospital de Talagante
Proyecto de Remodelación Pabellón N°4 Angiografía Hospital El Carmen de Maipú
Ingeniería Hospitalaria
En Infraestructura Hospitalaria
Más de 20 años de Experiencia

Engineering Services

In construction processes, specialty engineering, management of highly complex projects and management.

Multiple Advised Projects

We are backed by years of experience in multiple large-scale projects, mainly hospital facilities and health services.

Technical Inspection Support

We provide advisory services to the technical inspection of works and studies, considering every detail from the initial stage to the delivery of the work.

Professional SEO services

About Our Work

Axxial has the experience, tools and qualified professionals for each service it offers to its customers, in the different areas of specialty, so that it can ensure the required quality of its products and services.

We work in an integral and coordinated way with our clients, advising on the broadest matters of Engineering, Construction and Hospital Maintenance.

Our project management service delivers results of immediately, without having to invest time and effort in achieving a Maturity in project management.

Our service is provided by a specialized team of professionals, Multifunctional and vast experience in highly complex projects.

Our Services

We invite you to know our services.

Hospital Maintenance

One that is carried out in Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Offices and related infrastructure, which consists of a set of activities, which allow to preserve a system, plant, machine, equipment, structure, building, set, component or piece and restore it to a specific state, which allows it to develop its function normally.

Contract Administration

As part of the project management process, we manage each contract.

Quality Standards

We use the latest quality standards for each specialty, being rigorous in their application. 

Chilean Regulations

Review of projects and elaboration of design criteria under current regulations in force in the country.

Project Optimization

We optimize variables such as deadline, cost, quality, safety, construction system, among others.

Compliance Control

Support to the inspection and inspection of works with professionals in the field.

Clients & Partners